Thanks for checking out our little place on the web... ...I started this site, with the help of my hubby,
when we had our first child...My intentions were to be a stay at home mom, but in today's day and age
it is harder and harder to do that...So, I combined my love of sewing, creativity, music and individual
style to create this website...

We call ourselves Ancient Oak Farms, well, because we live on a farm in western Pennsylvania and
have a huge oak tree in front of our house that has been there for over four hundred years...We raise
pygmy goats and boar goats and have an array of different animals running around, not to mention our
daughters Donovan & Dayton....

My biggest thing with starting this site is preaching the gospel of comfort...Life is hard and full of
unexpected blows, so why the hell do you want to feel uncomfortable with what you're
wearing....People make you feel uncomfortable enough, why should your clothes....I can say, with
confidence, that I am always relaxed and confident with what I have on....How can you feel relaxed in
tight fitting stuff or short stuff that may have your giblets hanging out...I guarantee that once you
get into my pants, you might never want to get out of them....

Thanks for checking Out our Site and Thanks for Supporting Independent Artists and Stay at Home
Meet Thine Pale Maker...